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Grandaire invites you to visit the 2012 China Refrigeration Exhibition (Booth No.: E1A10)
"The 23rd International Exhibition on Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Refrigeration Processing" jointly sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Branch, China Refrigeration Association and China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (referred to as China International Refrigeration Exhibition) It will be held in China (Beijing)·
Zhaoqing Gaudi Guangzhou Refrigeration Exhibition shows the brand style of the industry
On August 11, 2011, Zhaoqing Gaodi Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the “4th Guangzhou International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition”.
Canton Fair--China Import and Export Fair
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2019-01-29 18:36
Canton Fair generally refers to China Import and Export Fair. The China Import and Export Fair (English: The China Import and Export Fair) is the Guangzhou Trade Fair, referred to as the Canton Fair, and the English name is Canton fair.
A new benchmark for the future development of the central air-conditioning tree refrigeration industry
Central air-conditioning is a relatively large concept, covering a wide range of industry products, and its content continues to develop and expand. It includes both the early start of the HVAC industry products, the subsequent refrigeration industry products, and the sudden emergence of household central air conditioners in recent years. But in the traditional sense, central air conditioning products belong to industrial equipment. Based on this, central air-conditioning is highly targeted in marketing, and it is one-to-one or point-to-point production and sales.
Introduction of three air supply methods in data center
The equipment in the data center is densely arranged, the heat is concentrated, and the sensible heat is large. Therefore, it is necessary to have reasonable distribution and distribution of airflow organization to effectively remove heat in the equipment room, so it is necessary to have reasonable distribution and distribution of airflow organization to effectively Remove the heat in the equipment room to ensure that the equipment in the equipment room meets the requirements of the air environment such as temperature and humidity, cleanliness and air supply speed.
Improve the energy efficiency of HVAC from the details
As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure. The operating efficiency and energy saving effect of the HVAC system depend to a large extent on its detailed design. According to the reporter's understanding, in the southern part of China, for every 1 °C reduction in summer interior design temperature or 1 °C increase in winter design temperature, its engineering investment will increase by 6% and energy consumption will increase by 8%. The data clearly shows that a proper increase in summer and a reduction in indoor air temperature in winter will have significant energy savings.
Commercial central air conditioners maintain strong momentum
Throughout the market, the market structure of central air-conditioning is still mainly commercial. At present, there are nearly 500 million square meters of large public buildings in the country using large commercial air conditioners. With the rapid spread of small and medium-sized commercial air conditioners in the high-end residential sector, the technology of commercial air conditioners in the future must reach a new high. At present, the utilization rate of commercial central air conditioners in China accounts for 45% of the air conditioner industry. It can be seen that China's commercial air conditioners still maintain a strong momentum and have broad market prospects, and are also one of the potential markets in the HVAC market.
Necessity of installing fresh air system in central air conditioning - Design specification for central air conditioning fresh a
Central air conditioning and fresh air systems are two different concepts. They belong to two different comfortable home systems. Central air conditioning is mainly used for cooling and heating. The central fresh air system is mainly used to ventilate indoors. Now many central air conditioners have fresh air. System, but this is not a "new wind" in the strict sense. At best, it can only be called "wind".
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