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Necessity of installing fresh air system in central air conditioning - Design specification for central air conditioning fresh a

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Central air conditioning and fresh air systems are two different concepts. They belong to two different comfortable home systems. Central air conditioning is mainly used for cooling and heating. The central fresh air system is mainly used to ventilate indoors. Now many central air conditioners have fresh air. System, but this is not a "new wind" in the strict sense. At best, it can only be called "wind".
Why should the central air conditioner install a fresh air system?
With the continuous improvement of living standards, new buildings are growing rapidly, people's requirements for indoor living experience and the requirements for indoor comfort and air quality are getting higher and higher. Experts point out that the indoor environment must be conducive to good health, which promotes The rise of home central air conditioning and fresh air systems, home central air conditioning is also constantly meeting the growing material needs of people in the frequency conversion innovation.
The central air conditioner is mainly divided into two parts. The beginning is the central air-conditioning main unit, and the end is the indoor unit. The indoor unit is equivalent to a fresh air system, but in fact there is no function of the fresh air system. It can only be said that it is an advanced fan. In order to achieve the effect of fresh air ventilation, it is necessary to install a central fresh air system, which can improve the air quality in the living room, keep the interior fresh and comfortable, and is good for health.
Central air conditioning fresh air system design specification
Many people think that the bigger the fresh air system, the more comfortable it is. In fact, this is not the case. It is understandable that fresh air can greatly improve indoor air quality, but the greater the amount of fresh air, the better the effect of air conditioning. Experts believe that good air quality requires not only clean air, but also pleasant temperature and humidity. Although the central air-conditioning fresh air system has improved the air freshness, it has also increased the heat and cold load of the air conditioner, which not only affects the air conditioning effect, but also greatly increases the power consumption. So how to design the fresh air system is reasonable, let's look at the design specifications of the central air conditioning fresh air system.
The value of the large central air-conditioning fresh air system in China is as follows: firstly, according to the new air volume of 30m3/h per person, the air exchange rate is calculated according to the number of air exchanges specified by different construction purposes, and then the two are taken as the final. The amount of fresh air, the amount of fresh air for household central air conditioners, has been specifically regulated in developed countries.
Experts pointed out that the fresh air volume of the central air-conditioning fresh air system should be no less than 20m3/(hw). When designing the central air-conditioning fresh air system, there are three factors that determine the size of the fresh air:
(1) Install the community environment in which the family is located and the geographical conditions in which they are located. If the environment is comfortable and clean, ventilation is good, and the design of fresh air volume can be reduced;
  (2) Floor height. Since reducing the concentration of pollutants is the main purpose of installing a fresh air system, such as installing a home with a higher floor, especially above the 10th floor, the air is relatively clean, which can reduce the design of fresh air volume;
  (3) Special requirements of customers. Some customers have their own unique lifestyles, such as smoking and so on.
Most central air-conditioning installations now have a fresh air system. The fresh air system itself is not very expensive. Coupled with the magical function of the new air system to vent new and turn waste into treasure, many home users will choose to install a central air-conditioning fresh air system. The brand is Panasonic and Honeywell's fresh air system, in which Panasonic's quiet new wind is recommended, energy saving, and a comfortable and peaceful life.