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Commercial central air conditioners maintain strong momentum

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Throughout the market, the market structure of central air-conditioning is still mainly commercial. At present, there are nearly 500 million square meters of large public buildings in the country using large commercial air conditioners. With the rapid spread of small and medium-sized commercial air conditioners in the high-end residential sector, the technology of commercial air conditioners in the future must reach a new high. At present, the utilization rate of commercial central air conditioners in China accounts for 45% of the air conditioner industry. It can be seen that China's commercial air conditioners still maintain a strong momentum and have broad market prospects, and are also one of the potential markets in the HVAC market.
Commercial central air conditioners maintain strong momentum
Central air conditioning unit
In the first half of this year, China's central air-conditioning market reached 30 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 40%. The market sales of domestic brands are obviously much more optimistic than foreign brands. This is the first time that domestic brands dominate the market. At present, the situation of the central air-conditioning market presents the coexistence of domestic and foreign brands.
In recent years, the pattern of foreign brands such as York and Daikin occupying the domestic central air-conditioning market has begun to change. Some domestic brands have entered this field and are getting bigger and bigger. Since 1998, the three major brands of Haier, Midea and Gree have not broken the pattern of domestic air-conditioning industry development. These three companies have not only become the “evergreen trees” of the Chinese market, but also become the “tumbler” of the global air-conditioning industry.
The domestic market enters a period of transition from blind worship to rational consumption
Haier began to get involved in the field of central air conditioning in 1996. This is also the first company in China to enter the central air-conditioning field. Not only won the bid to enter the Olympic Village at the air-conditioner bidding meeting in Athens, the host of the 2004 Olympic Games, but also achieved a bumper harvest in the nationwide property market, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Shanghai. Haier commercial air conditioners are used in some buildings. Gree second and third phase air-conditioning bases will focus on central air-conditioning projects; and the commercial air-conditioning marketing and R&D has been separated from the home air-conditioning business in terms of institutional setup, and the total investment is over 500 million yuan, and the construction area is nearly 100,000 square meters. M, the largest central air-conditioning production base in China, shows its determination to enter the central air-conditioning market. Midea Central Air Conditioning has been committed to the development and innovation of air conditioning technology. Over the years, from the introduction of the world's advanced technology, to cooperation with international companies, in the field of technology and product innovation, many new breakthroughs have been made, and many world-leading and domestically pioneered technologies have been born in the United States. Since its launch, Midea's central air-conditioning products have won praises from the market and are deeply loved and trusted by users. For more than nine years, Midea’s central air-conditioning has established a number of batches of model projects in various office and business locations in the north and south of the Yangtze River, as well as villas, high-end residences, and other home furnishing facilities. Midea’s central air-conditioning sales from 2000 Tens of thousands of people in 2001, 600 million in 2002, continue to show a leaping growth trend, the situation is gratifying. In 2007, Midea's central air-conditioning domestic and overseas sales reached RMB 4.5 billion, and it continued to maintain its leading position in central air-conditioning equipment suppliers.
With the international leading core technology, mature products, stable performance, and high-quality comprehensive after-sales service, Gree Central Air Conditioning has continuously achieved good results in the market. In 2010, it ranked first in the industry with a market share of 9.6%. Mr. Dong Mingzhu, President of Gree Electric, said, “Gree can develop the most energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable central air-conditioning system solutions for customers around the world, and provide all the models needed to solve the problems in one time, so as to avoid the management caused by different brands. Difficulties, energy waste, etc. Really solve the system, one step in place!"
According to relevant data, there are hundreds of regular central air-conditioning production enterprises in China, and the market capacity is nearly 20 billion. The total capacity of the central air-conditioning market around 2011 is expected to reach 60 billion yuan. Experts analyzed that with the breakout of the monopoly of domestic brand core technology and the introduction of relevant national normative standards, the domestic market is gradually moving toward normative maturity, entering a transition period from blind worship to rational consumption.