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A new benchmark for the future development of the central air-conditioning tree refrigeration industry

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Central air-conditioning is a relatively large concept, covering a wide range of industry products, and its content continues to develop and expand. It includes both the early start of the HVAC industry products, the subsequent refrigeration industry products, and the sudden emergence of household central air conditioners in recent years. But in the traditional sense, central air conditioning products belong to industrial equipment. Based on this, central air-conditioning is highly targeted in marketing, and it is one-to-one or point-to-point production and sales.
As shown in the figure, the market attention of central air-conditioning in recent months has been relatively undulating, peaking in April and steadily developing in August. With the upgrading of central air conditioners for large and medium-sized buildings in China and the rapid growth of household central air conditioners, the “cake” of the central air conditioner market is attracting more and more attention. Taking Shenzhen as an example, more than 2,000 high-rise buildings have adopted central air-conditioning units. Central air-conditioning has considerable market development prospects, and its attention in the industry must be changed as market demand changes.
Recently, when the HVAC industry sought a breakthrough in change and development, central air-conditioning opened up the market in both commercial and residential areas with strong strength. It is the strong demand in the air-conditioning market that has created two diversified product lines for both commercial and residential use today.