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Zhaoqing Gaudi Guangzhou Refrigeration Exhibition shows the brand style of the industry

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On August 11, 2011, Zhaoqing Gaodi Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the “4th Guangzhou International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition”.
Through the all-round, multi-level display to perfectly interpret the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry, continue to play the advantages of Zhaoqing Gaudí's professional air-conditioning end procurement platform.
This exhibition means that the Gaudi outlet has entered the Chinese market with a high-end attitude.
Company Profile:
Zhaoqing Gaodi Company has a plant area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters and strong technical force. The company has more than 200 skilled production and technical workers, which can provide customers with all kinds of products in a good and timely manner.
At present, the company's main products are: aluminum egg grid (specification: 12.7mmx12.7mm, 15mmx15mm, 25.4x25.4mm, and can be made according to customer needs to the corresponding thickness and specifications), aluminum alloy tuyere (including plane square, bevel Square loose, fixed egg, single layer air supply, double air supply, hinged egg, door air outlet, linear air outlet, waterproof shutter, round aluminum air outlet, trunking, injection port, rotary air outlet), fire damper, Plastic air outlets and related central air conditioning accessories such as smoke windows, damper clips, and mounting clips.
We believe that under the guidance of the company philosophy of “independent innovation, casting brand”, with the advanced equipment and technology, professional product design and manufacturing level, high efficiency production capacity and good pre-sales and after-sales service, Gaudi will inherit The company has consistently adhered to the "high-quality products, competitive prices, satisfactory service" purpose, dedication to customer service at home and abroad, happy cooperation and create a better future.