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Grandaire Air Conditioning Equipment Legend - Interview with General Manager of Linjia Town (Zhaoqing Grandaire: Quality and Ser

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Zhaoqing Grandaire: Quality and service cast the brand
More than 20 years of focus on central air-conditioning equipment accessories, product exports have covered major European and American countries, the annual export sales reached more than 10 million US dollars •••••• Behind this Guangdong first air outlet brand, what kind of story? HC Air Conditioning Refrigeration Network editor interviewed Lin Jiazhen, general manager of Zhaoqing Grandaire Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.
HC air-conditioning refrigeration network: It is understood that since its establishment, Grandaire has been focusing on the field of central air-conditioning equipment. What is the current market positioning?
Mr. Lin: A good brand must combine visibility, positioning and strategy to create value. Since its establishment, Grandaire has been deeply cultivating the mid-to-high-end market. Based on the market, it has expanded to the end of the air-conditioning industry. It is mainly based on foreign markets and supplemented by the domestic market. It is a professional center integrating design, development, production and sales. Air conditioning equipment company.
HC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Network: It is understood that Grandaire has won the honorary title of “Best Air Conditioning Port Brand” in 2011. What are the main competitive advantages compared with other companies of the same type?
Mr. Lin: First, the experience of producing central air-conditioning equipment accessories for more than 20 years, the plant area has reached more than 25,000 square meters. In order to improve production efficiency, we have purchased the most advanced production equipment and mold workshops, and have produced various hardware. The technical strength of precision molds such as metal die casting and injection molding.
Second, the perfect production management system, the current product line has covered a series of air-conditioning accessory products such as aluminum egg grid, aluminum alloy tuyere, fire damper, regulating valve, fan, plastic air outlet, etc., and gradually gained recognition from European and American customers. Through various certifications, the products have been exported to major European and American countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France. Grandaire is produced in Europe and the United States with quality standards, sold at China's prices, prompt delivery, and intimate service, and is highly praised among peers.
Third, a professional technical team integrating product design, development, mold design, production process improvement, quality inspection and management, including more than 200 skilled production and technical workers and management personnel, 30 college graduates, including 16 undergraduate and doctoral degrees.
HC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Network: After years of development, what improvements have been made to the core technology now?
Mr. Lin: On the one hand, quality is the soul of products. In recent years, Grandaire products have been exported to Europe and the United States, and the quality of products has always been the first in production. The key to doing a good job is the following two points:
First, strict screening of air outlet raw materials
Evaluation of raw material suppliers: generally through field inspection, evaluation of the quality system operation status, past supply, processing and rectification ability when the supply quality is abnormal, as well as on-time delivery and delivery quantity capability, product cost performance, after-sales service Ability (including after-sales service attitude, timeliness, effect). At the same time, it is necessary to check the information provided by the supplier, and investigate and understand from the other customers' suppliers, and provide samples for testing raw materials, and evaluate the results of regular analysis of raw material quality.
Strengthen the acceptance of raw materials before storage: 1. According to the raw material procurement contract, the accompanying goods "certification certificate", "material book" and other quality certificate acceptance materials, for the raw materials without "certification certificate" and "material book", refuse to check the income bank; 2. Before the raw materials are put into storage, the purchasing department fills in the “inspection record” and submits it to the professional inspection department. After the professional inspection department issues the qualified inspection report, it will be put into the warehouse with the qualified report; 3. The inspection record after the inspection of the income bank will be established in time;
Second, advanced equipment assembly line production, mechanized cutting
Grandaire currently has various stamping equipment, automatic spraying production lines, automatic feeding lines, etc., and also has a mold workshop including CNC machining center, EDM spark machine, wire cutting machine, large water grinder, milling machine, and has various hardware, The ability of precision molds such as metal die casting and injection molding.
Through the control of raw materials and mechanized production processes, Grandaire's product quality is among the best in the industry.
On the other hand, our goal is not only to meet the expectations of our customers, but also to provide them with a “memorable” service experience, seeing each service opportunity as an opportunity to build customer loyalty, which needs to be pulled through personalized service. Close to the customer, create "loyal customers." To achieve personalized service, it is mainly to analyze the customer's "what needs" and "personal preferences." To provide services that exceed customer expectations, we start with the following:
First, stand at the top of the industry and run in front of customers. Only if your professional knowledge is excellent, and you stand taller, look farther, walk in the forefront, and run faster than customers, you can bring true and advanced concepts to customers and come up with services that customers want but can't think of. And products.
Second, responsible for the end, not shirking. Customers hate that they are transferred between different departments and can't solve the problem, and it is very likely that the customer's complaints will escalate or the situation will expand.
Third, follow-up. Even if the customer's problem has been completely solved, our responsible person takes the initiative to follow-up and return visit, the customer feels warm and pleasant, which undoubtedly strengthens the customer's trust in Grandaire.
HC air-conditioning refrigeration network: In 2012, the entire air-conditioning market grew at a low speed. Although the central air-conditioning market still maintained a strong growth trend, it will inevitably suffer from the impact of the market. The company is also deepening its layout to the third- and fourth-tier markets. What measures are you taking?
Mr. Lin: From the second half of 2011, with the influence of the external macroeconomic environment of real estate regulation and control, coupled with the unfavorable factors in the international environment such as the European, British and American economic downturns, there is a certain pressure on the development of the domestic central air-conditioning market. The end market is also inevitably affected, and the growth rate is slowing down. In this regard, the strategy we adopted was “first and then inside and outside”. On the one hand, we focused on product quality and team management; on the other hand, we actively explored sales channels and brand building.
HC Air Conditioning Refrigeration Network: Can you tell us about some of Gaudí's 2012 ideas about market planning?
Mr. Lin: Under the guidance of the concept of “independent innovation, casting brand”, we will cooperate with international brands in the world with advanced equipment and technology, professional product design and manufacturing level, efficient production capacity and good pre-sales and after-sales service. Direct market dialogue, with domestic brands in the Chinese market to compete in the Central Plains.