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Professional advantage leads the end market Gaudi air outlets show the brand style

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Zhaoqing Grandaire Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. has a history of producing central air-conditioning equipment for more than 20 years. It has become a professional company integrating design, development, production and sales of central air-conditioning equipment. As a professional manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of central air-conditioning accessories, Gaudi's central air-conditioning accessories series have won the market with advanced equipment and technology, professional product design and manufacturing level, high-efficiency production capacity and good pre-sales and after-sales service. Praise and recognition. In particular, the Grandaire air outlet series products, such as egg vents, aluminum alloy vents, plastic vents and other products have won the favor of the Chinese market with unique design, advanced technology and fine processing. On November 18th, 2011, Grandaire air-conditioning outlet products were highly recognized by the public and authoritative judges for their excellent quality, reasonable price and high quality service. They won the “China Xinsheng Cup” 2011 China Air-Conditioning Refrigeration Industry Annual Best Single Award. The best air conditioning outlet brand.
Grandaire won the 2011 “Best Air Conditioning Port”
The tuyere is the end device for air supply and return air in the central air conditioning system, and is an air distribution device. The air supply port sends the cooled or heated air to the room, and the air return port sucks the dirty air inside the room, and the two form an entire air circulation, which ensures the indoor cooling and heating effect while ensuring the indoor air cooling and Comfort. After years of continuous research and development and production, Grandaire air-conditioning air outlet products have accumulated rich experience in product development and production in the industry, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, perfect quality assurance system, not only passed the national air-conditioning testing center certification, but also passed ISO9001- 2000 quality management system certification. At present, Grandaire air-conditioning outlet products have formed a well-known brand in the central air-conditioning industry, not only in the Chinese market, but also in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and other overseas markets.
According to HC's HVAC refrigeration network, Grandaire is equipped with professionals in technology development and production management, and has close cooperation with research institutes and design institutes to make the development and manufacture of central air-conditioning products a perfect new frontier. Technology, closely aligned with the first line of the market, to the greatest extent to meet the needs of users.
“Xinsheng Cup” 2011 HC Network The 5th China Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Top Ten Brands and People's Appraisal was kicked off on August 25, 2011. Based on the advantages of industry experts and buyers, the selection activities were improved. Transparency, increase the gold content of the awards, and received extensive attention and participation from many experts in the field of air-conditioning and refrigeration industry in China, industry veterans, and many enterprises in the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment market in China. Previously, the top ten brands in China's air-conditioning refrigeration industry have been successfully held for 4 sessions. The top ten brand selection activities have been highly recognized and praised by people from all walks of life, and have gradually become the most authoritative and influential in China's air-conditioning refrigeration industry. Business selection activities. Since the launch of the top ten brand selection activities, Gaudi has supported the votes of the netizens in the enthusiasm and active actions of the majority of netizens, and has consistently ranked among the “Best Air Conditioning Port Brands” awards. Forefront. After that, after the evaluation and final vote of the experts and buyers' review jury, Gaudí air-conditioning vents were on the podium of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. The recognition of the authoritative event by Gaudi air-conditioning vents has not only further reflected the charm of the Grandaire outlet brand, but also greatly enhanced the reputation, credibility and popularity of the Grandaire outlet brand.
In 2011, China's air-conditioning refrigeration industry's best single-item award for the best air-conditioning outlet brand Hualuo, is not only the industry's high recognition of Grandaire, but also a strong proof of Grandaire's strength. Gaudi outlets lead the central air-conditioning end market with professional advantages, showing the brand style.