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Venting valve installation, use and maintenance

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First, the installation and use of technical requirements:
     1. The valve cavity should be cleaned before installation and the defects caused during transportation should be removed;
     2. The installation of the venting valve should maintain the horizontal position of the butterfly valve drive shaft and the vertical position of the piston valve;
     3. The valve should be debugged before use, keeping all functions of the transmission intact, and the limit stroke and over-torque protection are reliable;
     4. Fully add lubricating oil before debugging the lubrication parts of the valve transmission;
     5. Before starting the electric device, carefully read the instructions for the electric device provided.
Second, the use of maintenance and maintenance
     1. After the valve is used, it is necessary to observe the opening and closing operation status regularly and find out the problem in time;
     2. Regularly add lubricating oil to maintain good lubrication conditions of various moving parts;
     3. After using for a period of time, if it is found that the piston is closed and the air is leaking, check the replacement piston ring.