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In China, there are more than 80 million economic entities. On average, a company is born every 3 seconds, and a company dies every 10 seconds. Every day, there are a large number of entrepreneurs with dreams on the road, how to achieve their dreams, is the direction of the Chinese enterprise power efforts. Founded on September 16, 1999, China Enterprise Power is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Digital Group (00250-HK), dedicated to helping every enterprise realize digital and intelligent operation. Up to now, China Enterprise Power Technology Co., Ltd. has 80 branches across the country, with more than 8000 employees, and has served 14 mainstream industries including manufacturing, service, IT Internet, construction and real estate, foreign trade, logistics, and retail. Nearly 100 1.35 million corporate customers in sub-industries.

The services provided by China Enterprise Power can effectively solve the full life cycle services of enterprises based on the Internet environment, from "marketing digitalization to transaction digitalization to customer operation digitalization" in the digital operation of enterprises, helping enterprises to improve the operation effect with lower cost, higher efficiency and faster response.

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